About Cazador Grill


When you visit Cazador Grill you get authentic Peruvian food!

Cazador Grill in Temple Terrace Florida

Cazador Grill is a Peruvian steakhouse in beautiful Temple Terrace, Florida. We feature fresh high quality, grilled marinated meats, and seafood accented by delicious Peruvian sauces.

We are “Parrilla Peruana” which translated means “Peruvian Grill” or “Peruvian Steakhouse Restaurant”. A Parrilla is a grill used for cooking asado (barbecue), commonly found in South America.

At Cazador Grill “We Love Food” and we look forward to sharing our taste of Peru with you and the people you share your life with.

In addition to individual entrees we specialize in mixed grilled combos for parties of three or more.

Our “Grand Cazador Combo” shares for four and includes skirt steak, short ribs, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, chorizo, Cazador BBQ ribs, and Italian sausage.

A meal like this can be a group of friends or one very hungry individual that really loves grilled meats.

Peruvian cuisine is not all about meat. Peru has a costline that is 2,414 kilometers long, that is 1,500 miles. With a costline that long, Peruvians know a thing or two about good seafood.

Our Peruvian seafood includes ceviche, sauteed fish, deep fried seafood (shrimp, fish, octopus, calamari) as well as simmered fish in delicious Peruvian sauces.

No time for a sit down meal? We serve paninis with your favorite meat inside.

There is something for everyone at Cazador Grill. Yes even vegetarians; just ask us about it!


Established in 2014.

Cazador Grill Temple Terrace opened its doors on December 26th, 2014. This is the second Cazador Grill for owner/chef Richard Diaz. It is the first Cazador Grill in the USA.

The very first Cazador Grill was located in Arequipa, Peru from 2010 to 2012. (please do a google search sometime and enjoy the beautiful sights of our hometown). After coming to the United Sates, entrepreneur Richard decided to share his love of “Parrilla” with everyone.

Cazador Grill is a family run and owned small business with a passion for quality food, good times, and great fellowship!

Our business is new in town, but our history and tradition with authentic Peruvian food goes many years back.

We look forward to serving you enjoyable meals and creating a long-lasting relationship between you and our Peruvian food at Cazador Grill.

Meet the Business Owner


Richard Diaz was born and grew up in a traditional Peruvian family in Arequipa, Peru (southern Peru). There he developed his love for great tasting Peruvian Cuisine.

He has been cooking all his life. His cooking is largely influenced by the indigenous Inca cuisine, as well as by the migrant cuisines of Peru; such as European (Spanish & Italian) and Asian (Chinese & Japanese).

The southern Peruvian landscape provided him with many fresh ingredients from both land and sea. Richard is an avid diver and has experience catching his own seafood by hand (including octopus and sea urchins).

He has been cooking professionally for over six years since 2007. From 2010-2012 he opened his first Cazador Grill. After a meeting the love of his life he followed his heart to Florida.

He has experience cooking at “5to Pecado” in Lima, “Cazador Grill” in Arequipa, “Cantina Loredo” and “Ciao! Italian Bistro” in Wesley Chapel.

Richard’s #1 love is grilled steaks. That is why he opened Cazador Grill.